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      Company profile

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      Meinuo home Furnishing Products CO., LTD. Is a company founded in 2011, which is mainly engaged in various fabrics and household textile products. Company is mainly engaged in cotton, polyester cotton, pure polyester, fleece fabrics such as the development and production of high-grade fabrics, with tens of meters, annual production fabrics processing bedding million parts production capacity (sell) capacity, in the aspect of textile is from knitting weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing the continuous processing production configuration to the finished product, at the top of the textile industry competitiveness of enterprises. Our products are mainly sold to America, Europe, Australia and southeast Asia. Since the establishment of the company, with the excellent product quality, reasonable price and consummation fast service, won the domestic and international customer's trust, the export business develops rapidly.
      The company has always adopted strict management system, flexible management concept, with the production process fine, the production efficiency high speed wins the general customer's welcome. Company in line with "brave in exploitation, enterprising" spirit, adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" commitment to keep up with the development of foreign markets and needs, in the tide of The Times, the fast-growing. Along with the development of the company, in order to form a one-stop import and export trade of professional textile, household items, the company has in shaoxing and other places set up his own fabrics, bedding factory, sample center warehouse, have a first-class equipment, plant, a complete set of foreign automatic production assembly line, the company and in 2013 set up the import and export trading company, the company's operation more efficient and accurate, and volume increase greatly. There is a stronger competitive advantage in the industry.
      The company advocates "people-oriented" management concept, and provides employees with challenging development platform and perfect welfare benefits.
      The company is a leading technology, with brand marketing and import and export trade as the support, based on the industry as a large enterprise group. In recent years, longhai household closely around the development concept of "science and technology and fashion", firmly take the path of the high-end textile and the development of science and technology of textile, textile, textile, fashion brand green, achieved by traditional manufacturing extension of value chain to manufacturing follow-up service, to create match the international metropolis of modern textile industry.